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Post  SushiGummy/GeorgeBoden on Tue Jul 05, 2011 2:51 pm

Fishtank Hero, simply put, is a 2D platform-puzzler where the player collects fish in a fishtank, each fish earning them a new ability. Here's some concept art I made a while back, complete with useless figure labels:

Fishtank Hero Conceptarty

The blowfish would give the player a double-jump/hover ability, for example. There would be about 6-9 different types of fish to collect throughout the game (depending on how long the game will be), each with a unique power which will help the player solve puzzles and get through the level. You'll only be able to have about 2 or 3 fish in your fishtank per level, but obviously we'd make sure that the level is beatable with the appropriate combinations of fish.

Along with fish, there are also fishtank decorations. Similarly to fish, the player would only be able to have 2-3 in their tank at a time, and each one gives its own special perk, such as extra health or a quicker cooldown time with certain fish powers.

Fish food boxes will be found throughout levels, and each will give a randomly generated amount if fish food pellets, which serve as currency when the player decides to buy new tank decorations.

As some of you will have guessed by now, this isn't a new idea for me. I came up with this idea about 5 months ago, and for a while I was working on having it made into a full-fledged game. Unfortunately, that possibility's currently being delayed until I'm able to find a devoted enough team to work on it with me.

Since I've already decided on the story, main characters, levels, and fish in Fishtank Hero, this version of the game would instead be a prequel to the game I've almost completely planned out by now. That way, there would be more room for any changes we'd like to make, and we'd all get to add our own ideas as opposed to just having everything dependent on my previous decisions.

I did have a prequel to Fishtank Hero in mind before jumping into this project, so if we go with this idea, there are a few things that kinda need to happen in order to make it work with its sequel:
- The main character will befriend a large snapping turtle at some point in the game, and he will ride it around every so often.
- At the end of the game, something will happen that will ultimately result in making the main character handicapped (he loses control of his legs). The snapping turtle will save his life, he starts up an aquarium, and he lives happily ever after.

I'd also decided on the personality for the shopkeeper, along with the idea that one of the bosses would be a huge Scottish guy who uses a whale as his weapon, but those wouldn't really be necessary to include in the game.

Anyways, I know this idea is somewhat borderline since it slightly hinges upon its almost-fully-planned-out sequel, but I thought I'd may as well throw it out here either way, since I've got nothing to lose by doing so.

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Fishtank Hero Empty Not a TD?

Post  pridethesaint on Tue Jul 05, 2011 9:45 pm

Not a tower defense?

I like it. Though it might be a little difficult to finish under the current deadline.


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