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Post  Admin on Thu Jul 21, 2011 2:51 pm

I'm going to lay down a quick summary of what we went over in last nights meeting, but first I need to address something.

We had a very small turnout compared to last week. Only Jordan and Nina had showed up on time, and no one else came during the remainder of the hour long meeting. Now, I believe this may be due to scheduling conflicts. I know George is current gone to Comic Con, and Bryce and Rheet showed up after the discussion had concluded.

To alleviate this, I am going to add a second chat meeting date to help accommodate the people who cannot make it on Wednesday 9PM EST. The date will most likely be on Saturday or Sunday around the same time, PM me with times that are good for you on the weekends (especially if you didn't attend this weeks). The Wednesday meeting will continue at the scheduled time, and the weekend meeting will NOT be a review of what happened Wednesday. Both times will be chances for you to communicate efficiently with each other on what we are currently working on and what needs to be completed. Take these as an opportunity to get some insight on what to work on next.

With that said, the meeting Wednesday included:
- Nina will be working on the code for the in-battle enemy superclass
- I'll be finishing up the map change handler hopefully by mid-week next week.
- A few story elements have been added to the drop box to get you started on the feel.
- Jordan has the Main Menu art done and can be found in the dropbox
- The font he used is also in the dropbox for you to take and use yourself if you wish.
- The overworld control scheme will be scheme 2 as shown in the appropriate post.
- The characters in the game will have customizable names (IE Enter the Heros name:____________)

Please PM me ASAP with good times for you on the weekend, So I can get a post up and hopefully start the weekend meetings this weekend.



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